365 Days of Coffee
a morning without coffee is like sleep.
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  • I noticed you use a Moka Pot, a French Press, and a Chemex. Do you have a preference between the three, and if so, why is that if I may ask?

    Asked by lowwjoo


    I love variety and having options for making coffee. It’s not really a preference of one over the other. 

    Moka Pot - my little red Bialetti is really little. Makes only enough for one person. Best for an afternoon pick-me-up. At least, for me.

    French Press - I actually only use a french press when I visit my BFF. She drinks tea and didn’t have any coffee making devices. I gifted her and her hubby the french press, hario hand grinder and a bag of beans. It’s kind of a selfish gift, since I use it when I visit. They use the french press for tea. 

    Chemex - it’s a beauty and makes coffee taste great. Haha. It’s true though. 

    For the curious, I stood on a chair, handheld the mamiya upside down, focused, composed via the waist level finder, focused again, held my breath, hoped for the best and pressed the shutter release button. voila!

    Mamiya RZ 67 Pro II | Fuji FP 100C

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