365 Days of Coffee
a morning without coffee is like sleep.
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  • I noticed you use a Moka Pot, a French Press, and a Chemex. Do you have a preference between the three, and if so, why is that if I may ask?

    Asked by lowwjoo


    I love variety and having options for making coffee. It’s not really a preference of one over the other. 

    Moka Pot - my little red Bialetti is really little. Makes only enough for one person. Best for an afternoon pick-me-up. At least, for me.

    French Press - I actually only use a french press when I visit my BFF. She drinks tea and didn’t have any coffee making devices. I gifted her and her hubby the french press, hario hand grinder and a bag of beans. It’s kind of a selfish gift, since I use it when I visit. They use the french press for tea. 

    Chemex - it’s a beauty and makes coffee taste great. Haha. It’s true though. 

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