365 Days of Coffee
a morning without coffee is like sleep.
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  • Love your pics! I understand you have a Nikon Df, if i may ask, how do you like it? Anything you find missing from it, compared to the other DSLRs? Thank you!

    Asked by photog007


    Thank you. I love the Nikon Df, it’s just the right amount of camera for me. It’s lightweight, slightly smaller than the normal DSLRs, takes all my old Nikkor lenses. I like the external controls (shutter speed, ISO, EV). The one thing that had me stumped for a New York minute was the WB control, it’s a bit awkward, but once I figured it out, it’s second nature now. I’ve read some reviews that states the Df’s battery isn’t long lasting and I find that to be untrue, never hurts to have a second battery though.  All in all, it’s a another great DSLR from Nikon and sexier, imo. 

    This isn't a question. I just got lost in your beautiful, poetic coffee photos, and just wanted you to know how calming and peaceful these shots are:) Mwah!

    Thanks, Nicole! You are too kind. Coffee is the only calm time of the day for me. :) 

    Let’s get together soon, it’s been too long. 

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